RADIAN Stainless Stencil Steel

RADIAN Stainless Steel are produced for the specific intention of being used in the manufacture of SMT Solder Paste Stencils. The materials are tension levelled and edge dressed and are 100% inspected for flatness, scratches, dents and debris. Having worked very closely with our customers over the years we have developed a complete understanding of the SMT and stencil market that has become the benchmark for quality.

Features of RADIAN Stainless: Flatter Harder surface Uniform surface aspect Uniform grain structure

Advantages of RADIAN Stainless: Flatter stencils allow for more accurate printing Harder surface gives a more durable stencil Uniform grain allows for higher stress relaxation properties Grain structure also contributes to smoother aperture walls

Benefits of RADIAN Stainless: More uniform grain structure will improve registration and print accuracy Increase in surface hardness will increase Mean-Time-Between-Change Finer grain structure will give better results from Electropolishing and zero curling when step etching Higher resistance to Thermal shock offers greater stress relaxation properties, thus stencils that are laser cut or etched will have more consistent results.

Materials Available

- Datum Alloys PHD
- Datum Alloys FG ( Fine Grain)
- SRA Stainless Steel ( Stress Relief Annealed )
- Invar
- Radian Stainless Steel

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