Laser Cut SMT Solder Paste Stencils

Laser Cut Solder Paste Stencils are the most commonly used stencil technology today. We have invested in the latest fiber diode laser system to ensure accurate cutting down to half a micron. Pitch Apertures of .016 can easily be achieved without electroforming. By utlizing a fiber diode laser along with fine grain stainless steel, we are able to offer aperture/area ratio performances that rivals electroform.

We can apply either general IPC 7525A Standards or follow your custom design criteria when manufacturing your stencils. Lead Free Design and Pb-Free Green Labels are available for your Lead Free RoHS Applications.

Gerber Editing Services

We also provide full Gerber Data Editing Services

Panelization Step & Repeat
Home Base & Pad Splits
Epoxy Design Applications
Custom Aperture Shapes
Lead Free Designs

Data Format

Gerber Extended (RS-274x)
Fire 9000
Barco DPF

Required Files*
Top & Bottom Solderpaste
Top & Bottom Silkscreen
Top & Bottom Soldermask
Top & Bottom Signal/Copper Trace Files
Aperture File & Drill File
Fab & Assembly Drawing

Photographic Inspection & Scanner Technology

100% automatic inspection of screen/stencil for absence/presence and size of apertures.

Detect aperture size error down to 0.0005" (0.0125mm) at 3200 dpi. Compare new Stencils and Screens against Gerber image for errors

Verify aperture sizes to 0.0005" and aperture absence/presence as small as 0.002" (0.050mm)

Additional Photographic Imaging of all apertures to verify 100% complete cut thru on every stencil delivered.
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